What is BBG Fitness

What is the Bikini Body Workout?

Jen Ferruggia has become quite popular for her program BBW, which stands for Bikini Body Workout. Jen is an Instagram star, who is very famous across all social networking sites for her amazing fitness program.

Her clients are continuously impressed by her outstanding physique, as well as her amazing Bikini Body Workout. The Bikini Body Workout comes with a guide book that has been helping to transform women’s bodies, providing them with the foundation to create a healthy lifestyle that is geared for continued success. The Bikini Body Workout program will shed away pounds, but keep them off as well.

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This is because the BBW fitness program by Jen, includes a nutrition and fitness plan that can be carried out either at a gym or the comfort of your own home. Making sure you have an environment that suits your personal needs. The Bikini Body Workout and fitness program spans nearly 60 days, however can be used in succession to help create the habits needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Advantages of the Bikini Body Workout

This incredible fitness guide is built around difficult workout sessions, which last for 28 minutes and are done three times a week. Women engaging in the program do not have to waste time on additional strict diet plans or exercises to get a great figure. However, diet does play an important role in Jen’s program, as abs aren’t made in the gym but in the kitchen.

They just have to follow this guide and adapt to it. If you are trying to get a bikini body, we recommend the Bikini Body Workout by Jen Ferruggia, because many women have followed it and succeeded in getting a fantastic body without compromising their health. The guide will not encourage you to eat less, instead it will motivate you to eat more and drink even more.

Yes, the Bikini Body Workout program will be strict about your junk food addiction but that is the first step in every fitness guide. The person is first asked to avoid junk food and soft drinks, including the no-good sugar-filled fruit juices we see in the market.

The guide asks the person to eat healthily and eat at short intervals. As for exercise, the workouts are for abs, legs, arms and the full body;they are not just for losing weight but also for tightening the body.

Bikini Body Workout Program Effects

Due to the different exercises, your body will shed additional weight from different areas and become tight and muscular. If you love to work hard, expect to do moves like jumping jacks, push-ups and planks, and weighted squats.

The program has both cardio and weight training, which makes it not only fun and interesting but also pretty effective. The diet plan of the program assists women in making healthier dietary choices, to keep their body from becoming lazy. By the end of 60 days, expect to see toned abs and tight arms.

The meal plans and the workout challenges do not stay the same throughout the 60 days; they change almost every second week or third week. The meal plans become a little stricter, whereas the training becomes tougher, taking you to a higher level of the program. If you want to be motivated, just look at the weight loss journey of women on V’s Instagram account.

Women have lost as many as 150 pounds in a few months through this amazing guide. Some women swear they haven’t seen or read a better and more comprehensive guide.

Diet and Food plan for Bikini Body Workouts

If you are one of those people who love food and are afraid that they will have to eat just water and salad through the program to get a bikini body, then you could not be more wrong. The program is not about not eating but about eating healthily and exercising properly to get a great body. Jen does not remove nutritious food from your meals.

This program by Jen concentrates on healthier choices and, instead, offers Bikini Body Workout subscribers delicious and healthy recipes for lunch, desserts, snacks, and breakfast.


There are several reasons why you would want to buy this guide and be a part of Bikini Body Workout program. One of the main reasons is to get a bikini body. The brevity and simplicity of the workouts given in this guide make the program very special and attractive to new members.

In addition to this, Jen knows about how to stay fit and she knows how to motivate her members to remain fit. It is not just you who will be following the guide; there will be many women and you can interact with them, which makes this program feel more like a group effort and less like an individual effort.

Our Top Pick For Bikini Body Workouts

Get A Bikini Body In 60 Days

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