Bikini Meal Plan

Bikini Meal Plan

If you are afraid that your diet plans are not working anymore or your long workout sessions are just too slow in showing results, then maybe there is something that you are doing wrong. It could be possible that you are eating something that has too many calories or maybe you are avoiding something that could help you in burning calories.

Example: You might have seen some women who are very strict about their training and workouts and who spent 45 minutes to an hour at gym trying to burn off fat, but are only able to reduce some weight. The same women are seen outside sipping from full glasses of soft drinks or fruit juice.

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They may think that those juices are healthy but they couldn’t be more wrong. What these women are actually doing here is regaining all those calories which they just burned in the gym.

An ideal meal plan for a bikini body

The perfect meal plan for a bikini body revolves around what to eat and what not to eat. Both working out and eating healthily are important for getting an attractive bikini body, but sometimes women are so engrossed in their workouts that, whenever they get hungry, they crave junk food.

They do not realize that their hard-work in the gym became equivalent to zero after eating junk food. Hence, we advise women to make a two way plan for their meals – one for what to eat and another for what not to eat.

What to eat

Here are the types of food and drinks that you can consume while trying to lose weight and get a bikini ready body:

1.  Water

The most essential drink for your body is water. Drink at least 1 gallon (equivalent to 16 cups) of water daily. You can also eat several vegetables and fruits that contain water, such as spinach, cucumber, asparagus, watermelon, etc.

After waking up in the morning, the first thing you should do (to reduce weight) is drink warm water with lemon, some garlic and half a teaspoon of honey.

2.  Beverages

When it comes to beverages, consume only unsweetened ones, like iced tea, black coffee, lemon tea etc. Moreover, women can drink green tea if they like the taste of Tulsi or lemon. There are several other kinds of tea as well which will help in reducing belly fat, like jasmine tea, mint tea, chamomile tea, etc. but these should be taken without any sugar.

3.  Vegetables

All green vegetables are healthy for the body and women can even make juice from vegetables to burn fat. In the morning, breakfast should always be heavy. You can eat a 1/3 cup of oatmeal or you can eat 4 egg whites with 10 almonds. Boiled vegetables are very nutritious so you can have them at lunch or at dinner.

Green veggies like swiss chard, kale, spinach and collards are filled with nutrients. They help you in losing weight and keeping active. These leafy greens are low in carbohydrates and calories but very high in fiber, which makes them quite attractive.

4.  Salmon

If you love eating fish, then eat salmon. Salmon is an oily fish but it is unbelievably healthy. In addition to this, it has considerably low calories and is quite satisfying – it makes you feel full for a long time.

5.  Meat

Lean beef and chicken breast are both great for health. Meat is high in protein, hence, it is a weight loss food but too much cooking and oil can depreciate its value.

What not to eat

Anything that has too much sugar, or too much salt or oil, should be avoided at all costs. Especially soft drinks and alcohol should be avoided because they have a lot of calories in them. Even the zero calories soft drinks which can be found pretty easily in retail stores should not be consumed because they have a lot of sodium in.


The above given food and drinks are to help you to get a good idea about what you should eat and should not eat while trying to get a bikini body. According to the given food, plan your meals (three meals) and snacks (two snacks) and you can consult the internet for more food related tips.

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