Bikini Figure

Bikini Figure

Almost every woman in this world wants a bikini body. It is neither easy nor is it tough to get a great figure, but sometimes we are just too shy or ignorant to start a bikini body program. Summer is already coming and it is the bikini season but you think getting a bikini figure is too difficult and requires complete dedication on your part.

This is why you do not start a dietary program or sign up at a gym. Getting a bikini body is hard but it does not have to be extreme torture. What you need is determination and patience.

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How to Get a Bikini Figure

Before starting with a bikini body program, be sure about what you want to improve in your body. Whatever you choose will assist you in selecting the right diet plan. Next ask yourself a few questions, like whether you want to lose weight? If yes, then how much? Next, ask yourself if you want to gain any muscle.

If you are unhappy with your weight, then let us start with the weight loss program, which mostly includes diet charts and a few exercises. Even if you want to tone up your body, a good bikini body guide is very important.

Every two weeks, check your weight and take proper measurements. Tracking your weight will help you in tracking progress. Do not forget that muscle has more weight than fat, hence, you will gain some weight if you want to tone up your muscles or add bulk to them.

Also, focus more on your measurements and less on the number on the scale. We have seen many women who encourage weight loss programs and have posted their past pictures on the internet. The reason behind posting the ‘before’ photo is quite easy to understand – Motivation.

Food Planning

Purchase the bikini that you want to wear on the beach but cannot wear currently due to increased weight. We know this suggestion sounds stupid but it is actually pretty awesome. What you really have to do with this picture is “Hang it in a place where no one can see it.”

Whenever you see that bikini, it will remind you that you are trying to get a bikini body. This bikini will encourage you to work harder and reduce the calories intake to get a toned body. Try to eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits that are beneficial for your body.

Fruits and vegetables are filled with minerals and vitamins and they will aid in keeping your stomach full throughout the day and help you rest peacefully during the night. The non-starchy and leafy green vegetables are one of the best choices for you.

Eat healthy food, which is rich in protein but low in fat, including fish, chicken and turkey. However, if you are a vegetarian who would never consider eating non-veg, try to eat lots of green veggies, like spinach. Always drink loads of water: around 1 gallon a day.

Workout Plans

Our mind starts filling up with ideas whenever we start an exercise. Women are advised to do at least 30 minutes of cardio in the beginning for at least 3 to 5 weeks. Before exercising, the person should warm up by walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling or trekking.

A good exercise increases your metabolism and improves your cardiovascular health. If it is difficult for you to concentrate on both workouts and meals, join a gym or an exercise class. Women should do Pilates, total-body training exercises, or yoga as well on non-gym days.

Moreover, women can lose the extra fat around your tummy by skipping 15 minutes daily. They can also try to lose weight by increasing the number of push ups every second week.

They can lift weights, jump, skip, etc. for fifteen twenty minutes to lose more weight and gain muscle. Women can do crunches and work on their abs as well to get a fabulous jaw-dropping figure.


To make your job easier, you can keep a journal of both food plans as well as workout plans. Dieting is the best way to lose weight and proper workouts are the best way to get a bikini figure. After starting with exercise, never stop doing it because otherwise you will get your previous body back. You need to work out every day, instead of for just two to three months, to get the bikini figure.

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