Bikini Competitive Body

Bikini Competitive Body

Are you trying to get a bikini competitive body and are unable to find the right guide? You have come to the right place. Getting a bikini body is no easy task but neither is it a difficult one. What you require is patience and discipline. Some women who have discipline lack patience while some who have patience are not disciplined.

However, there are also some women in this world who are very stubborn about achieving their goals and take everything seriously. The latter kind of women are the ones who succeed in getting a bikini body within a few weeks.

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Tips for Getting a Bikini Competitive Body

There are many guides and books that boast about getting a bikini body in just a few days. You can easily find these books in the market or on the internet on different online retailing sites. But can you actually follow them? It can be tough because guides are just books with a lot of encouraging pictures, stories, meal plans and workouts.

Some bikini body guides can, no doubt, help you in losing weight and getting a slim and attractive body but some are just waste of time and money. So instead of spending money on guides, make your plans. Start with these few tips:

1.  Stop eating processed foods

Processed foods are very tasty, attractive and even easier to get addicted to but they are quite unsatisfying for your tummy. Processed foods make a person want to eat more food than their body actually requires. Hence, they make the person overeat, which leads to binge-eating and getting overweight.

2.  Stay away from alcohol

For getting a bikini competitive body, stop drinking alcohol. Alcoholic drinks are not only high in calories but they are also very dehydrating. They encourage the drinker to eat more food than they need. According to a study, women tend to consume more calories after drinking alcohol.

3.  Consume more and more fiber

Women like to mix all the carbs but sometimes eat less fiber than required by their body. Hence, do not reduce the quantity of fiber, because it lets you know when your stomach is full. You will not want to eat more than your body needs if you have sufficient fiber in your diet. While eating cereals, add one to two teaspoons of cut almonds, or eat yogurt with sprinkled flaxseed for breakfast.

These two meals are rich in fiber and are very healthy for your body. To get a bikini competitive body, you can start eating barley, brown rice or quinoa as well. They are rich in carbohydrates and are healthy.

4.  Exercise

If you want a bikini body, you should never want to skip the gym day, which should come more than three times a week. Further, normal exercises like skipping, running, stretching, etc. should be done daily, without any gaps.

When you eat more calories, you need to burn more too, hence, workout on treadmill, elliptical or a bike in the morning or evening for twenty to twenty-five minutes.

Do not eat food in huge proportions; instead eat small meals (ranging from 200 to 250 calories each) four to five times a day. You should also eat snacks at least twice a day (not more than 100 calories each).

5.  Prevent bloating

Bloating can happen if you are eating heavily or when you are not eating anything. Sitting for long periods without any exercise or walking can also make your stomach bloat. Never sit at one place for more than 30 minutes. Take a break, go for a 5 to 10 minute walk and repeat the same tip throughout the day.

This will assist in banishing bloating. Peppers, onions, and broccoli cause bloating in your body as well. Try to consume foods that have water in them such as spinach, asparagus, and cucumbers. Potassium-rich fruits like oranges, bananas, and watermelon help in losing weight fast as well.

6.  Drink water

The best way to get a bikini body is to drink a lot of water. Always carry a bottle of water with you, no matter where you are going – on a weekend trip or to a small meeting. Drink at least 3 to 5 litres of water every day.

Do not chug the water in one long gulp; sip slowly so that the liquid hits your bloodstream instead of filtering out through your liver. If you drink water in just one or two long gulps, you will want to use the toilet more frequently.

These few tips will assist you in getting a bikini competitive body. Follow them in your daily life and see the changes with your own eyes.

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