Bikini Body Training

Bikini Body Training

It is great to love and respect your body as it is but most women want a bikini body. A bikini body is not just attractive but it shows how healthy you are and how careful you are about your body. Some women see an attractive slim woman and instantly think that the woman isn’t eating sugar, milk, oil and other high calorie foods.

They think it is impossible for them to get that body because it would require rigorous training and tough diet plans. Well, that is just half the truth. Yes, women who have a bikini figure try to avoid all kinds of junk food from chips to pizzas but it is not compulsory that they are vegan.

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What you Need for a Bikini Body?

If you are one of those ladies who has a beach trip coming in a few months but your body is not beach ready, then do not go into panic mode yet. You do not have to buy one piece swimsuits or wear a T-shirt to cover yourself because we have a solution for you pretty women. There is no better time to start training so it is better if you start with the exercise right after you finish reading this article.

Three things are required for a bikini body:

  1. Discipline
  2. Patience
  3. Training

Discipline means you should take the training program very seriously and plan the workouts and food according to the program. By patience, we mean you should never lose hope during the program. Your body will not start showing results instantly; you will need to wait for a few weeks to notice the changes.

The most noticeable changes are increased activity, better sleep, a constant urge to drink water and less hunger. Within four weeks, your body will start loving the bikini body training program and will get ready to work harder to achieve your goal.

Training for a Bikini Body

Start your workout with easy exercises, like touching your toes 20 times and skipping for ten minutes. Then, after a few days, hike up the intensity of the workout with use of dropsets, circuits and supersets. This will assist you in burning fat and sculpting muscle.

Start the day with some warm up exercises like jogging for 15 to 20 minutes and stretching. A morning run is great for the body as well so you can run for half an hour after the warm-up. Learn the basic exercises and workouts in the first week.

You can hit the gym as well for proper workouts on elliptical, bike or the treadmill. Your body will despise the gym in the first few weeks, so go to the gym two or three times a week. But don’t stop and increase your challenges, for instance the twice-weekly treadmill could increase to four times a week and you can introduce your body to a diet chart.

A few tough exercises that will work –

1. Squat with skull crusher

This amazing exercise, which was unveiled by a fitness magazine, involves the full body stretching. It targets the butt, legs, triceps and shoulders of the person.

First, the woman needs to stand with toes turned out, legs apart, and hold one end of a dumbbell with both hands.

Then, she has to squat and stand up quickly, while swinging her arms forward in an arc until they are above her head.

Next, she has to bend her elbows 90 degrees to reduce the weight behind her head. Now, she has to extend her arms again and swing them down in an arc as she squats down. This exercise can be done at least five times a day and can be increased in number with time.

2. Chair exercise

This exercise targets a woman’s abs. While placing her hands on either side of her hips, the woman has to sit sideways on a chair with her right side facing the seatback.

Next, she has to bring her legs together and her shins parallel to the ground. She has to extend her legs diagonally up while keeping the V-sit position. This exercise should be continued for 2 minutes and done twice a day.


For achieving anything in life, training is very important and getting a bikini body is not easy. If you want to get desired results, do not wait for a particular moment – start it today.

Our Top Pick For Bikini Body Workouts

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